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Unlock your superpowers, grow your business and be a leader of the Entrepreneur Movement.

Imagine you woke up tomorrow with 100 times the level of connections, the access to right resources and the support to reach your goals. What could you achieve?

Imagine what we could all achieve if we all had these superpowers. That’s the vision of GeniusU - that we could all have a Genie in our pocket that could access the right resources at the right time to support our individual and collective journey to impact the world.

The Entrepreneur Leader Circle is an exclusive group of entrepreneurs who are leading the Entrepreneur community on GeniusU, soon to cross one million members, and gaining first hand access to all the latest knowledge, resources and connections using the world’s no.1 A.I powered Entrepreneur App.

“With the right people, anything is possible."

Richard Branson

Dear fellow Entrepreneur,

We need your help!

GeniusU, our entrepreneur education platform, is attracting over 1,000 new entrepreneurs every day and we will be crossing a very special milestone of one million members very soon.

We need entrepreneurs like you to lead this movement, just by sharing your expertise, your vision, experience with the 1000+ entrepreneurs who join everyday and the 700,000+ entrepreneurs who already are coming on GeniusU to gain the right knowledge, make the right connections, connect with the right network and create the right opportunities.

We will be crossing a very special milestone of one million members very soon, so the founding of the Entrepreneur Leader Circle is very timely.

Global business is in the middle of the biggest shift that has ever occurred. The opportunity of being entrepreneurial has turned from a ‘maybe’ into a ‘must’. It has been estimated that 50% of all current jobs will not even exist in 20 years.

Why join us?

In early 2018, as we hit 1 million members, our GeniusU Entrepreneur App will launch. It is quite simply the most powerful and extensive GeniusU Entrepreneur App that has ever been built. All the features you see in the video above will be available with the app when it launches.

It is the app I wish that I had been given when I began growing my businesses. The GeniusU Entrepreneur App includes your very own A.I. driven virtual assistant - your Genie in your pocket, who will connect our one million entrepreneurs over 200 countries with the right connections, knowledge, events and opportunities.

Each recommendation personalized to the purpose, passion and talents of each entrepreneur.

The leaders who join us will join the 1,000+ mentors who are already adding content, events and opportunities for each Genie to recommend. They will also have their own special dashboard to track their earnings and community on GeniusU.

I look forward to connecting with you on the app and scaling businesses while on the move.

Roger James Hamilton

Be part of the exclusive Entrepreneur Leader Circle.


As a GeniusU Leader, you will receive first access to the GeniusU Leader Level features to build your business and lead your own tribe and team on GeniusU. GeniusU 12 months Leader Level includes:

Leader Badge
Get featured on GeniusU as a Leader of GeniusU and the Entrepreneur Movement

Build a Powerful Network
Set up, lead and mentor networks on GeniusU Circles.

Publish your events
Set up, promote, sell and manage all your events on GeniusU

Find a Mentor
Connect with others at your level and above to accelerate your growth

Create Opportunities and Projects
Create opportunities, share with members and manage your projects on GeniusU

Monitor your Metrics
Earn significant affiliate income promoting products, courses and events

Entrepreneur Assessments
Access a suite of powerful tools to evaluate and train your team

“My motivation for all my companies has been to be involved in something that I thought would have a significant impact on the world.”

Elon Musk

10x your business on the move using all the tools on GeniusU

Enrol now for just $97 or with easy pay option of $9 a month

Get bonuses worth over $2500


When you enrol today as one of the Entrepreneur Leaders, you will receive all of the following.


You'll be a part of an online Mastermind group that will have over 1,000+ successful entrepreneurs. These monthly calls include 30 minute of interview with an expert, 15 mins for Q&A and 15 mins on how to implement the latest cutting edge marketing trends.

The Entrepreneur Leader Circle includes the following:

12 Monthly LIVE Q&A Calls with Industry Experts and showcase of latest trends

Private Entrepreneur Leader Circle Facebook Group where you will be supported by 1,000+ other Entrepreneur Leaders with strategies, stories and resources throughout the year


You will get your own Genius U Entrepreneur Listing based on location, industry, expertise and reputation. You will be the first in the Entrepreneur Leaders Circle in our network to connect to the world’s largest global community of coaches, trainers, mentors and entrepreneurs.

We have over 700,000 entrepreneurs and we are growing daily. You will be part of an exclusive group that has this designation within our system.

With the number of people coming in we expect over 1,000,000 people on our network and people will be able to search and find you on our platform. Your status will show you are a Leader of the Entrepreneur Movement


The GeniusU app is packed with all the features you need to create, promote, sell and manage your events (whether virtual or in person). The inbuilt ticketing system allows you to start selling tickets in minutes. The app acts as a digital layer on top of your event by connecting attendees at the event with the right opportunities, contacts and content, and allows them to take notes and store their event insights also allowing them to take notes and store the event insights.

Opportunities are your chance to find the resources that you need. Whether it is a specific skill you require, information that you are looking for, or people who should become part of your team - these are all potential opportunities! Genie will then recommend your opportunities to the best matches out of our million members.

When you close your opportunity, you can convert it into a project to manage your group.

Set up and lead your own circles on GenusU. A circle gives you the superpowers to run your events, mentoring and product launch from one place, with real time tracking on how your circle members are doing.


GeniusU Leader Level costs $97 per year or $9 a month. When you apply as one of our leaders, you will receive the following additional bonuses

Wealth Dynamics Token (Value $97. Included in offer)

A token for Wealth Dynamics, the World's No.1 entrepreneur test, for yourself, or gift to a friend/colleague

Virtual Ticket to Global Entrepreneur Summit 2018 (Value $37. Included in offer)

Watch the Global Entrepreneur Summit 2018, shot on live 360 video from London, UK. You can watch from the comfort of your home, office etc

Earn Affiliate income

Earn significant income on GeniusU, promoting all the assessments, products, events and Microdegrees on GeniusU from all our 1,000+ mentors

Be part of the exclusive Entrepreneur Leader Circle.


Join One of the Largest Business Shifts in History!

We are witnessing one of the most significant changes ever in business because of disruptive technology, globalization and acceleration of change across industries.

Each of us is being called to step into our full potential and power as creators, to envision new solutions and to use business as a force for good to create personal wealth and serve a higher mission.

Through entrepreneurship we have the opportunity to influence millions of people and to align with our passion and purpose in life.

When you hear the call you have to make a choice…

Are you going to remain in the same place, doing the same thing OR are you going to heed the call, learn what you need to learn and then take action.

If you are reading this page we hope it is the latter...and through the program on this page we are offering you a entrepreneurial success blueprint to achieve the business and life that you want and deserve.

What People are saying:

Simon Zutshi
Property Investors
Network founder

“For the last 4 years I’ve had the pleasure of being an affiliate for Entrepreneurs Institute and GeniusU. I’ve earnt thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions As a result, I’ve been personally invited to participate as a guest speaker at many of Roger’s events and webinars. Last year I won the 1st prize for being the top Fast Forward affiliate for 2 years in the running. The opportunities to create a win-win are abundant with Roger and his team at GeniusU. More importantly, I love being involved, as Roger continues to share “real value” to my clients, and to my own business.”

Daniel Halenko
Bellit security group

Having joined the community just a year ago, I’ve made so many of the right, high level connections, needed for our new and existing security business. People who I might never have been able to connect to otherwise, who speak the same wealth dynamics language as me and who are tremendously on purpose. People who I can trust that know how to create win win partnerships. I know when I share an opportunity in this community, the right people and resources show up. As a result, I've also become the city leader for Manchester so I can help other on purpose leaders in my local city.

Angie Stead and Rustica Lamb
Genius Educator Programme

“We launched the very first Genius Educator Certification programme just a few months ago. When we shared the opportunity to win a free place on the programme, amongst the GeniusU community, we had just short of 1000 applications for the first 15 places!! We filled the workshop right up, there and then and now we have an eager, inspired community of educators and parents who want to support our upcoming programmes and promotions too. Going from 0-1000 in just 4 weeks on GeniusU was phenomenal and really shows the power of this community, on purpose”


Hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs are adding to the Genius Stream every day and with the latest AI technology to find what’s most important to you, Genie is your ultimate virtual assistant guiding you at every moment to unlock your superpowers.

Here's a summary of what you'll recieve

Get connected

Be recognized and discoverable as a Leader

Lead a 1,000,000 strong community of entrepreneurs

Find mentors to move you to next level

Entrepreneurial Learning

12 Monthly LIVE Q&A Calls with Industry Experts and showcase of the latest trends

Take free assessments to discover your strengths, passions and purpose.

Take microdegrees for free. Create your own stream of content which can be shared with your tribe

Events, Circles, and Opportunities

Create, promote, sell and manage your events.

Build your network and serve your tribe thru GeniusU Circles

Create, manage and participate in opportunities


Become an affiliate and earn by referring others to GeniusU products and services.

Earn money by selling products and services as a reseller

Get a premium leader dashboard


Free Wealth Dynamics token

Virtual ticket to Global Entrepreneur Summit 2018 London

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

We unconditionally guarantee your satisfaction with the Entrepreneur Leader Circle for 30 days after you join. However, if you are not satisfied with the over 120 hours of content, worldclass features, online community and special bonuses, just send us an email and we will give you a full refund or exchange—whichever you prefer.